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INFS Alumni : Keep Your Plan Simple and Stupid

There is no age limit when it comes to being a student. You can be a learner for life if you stay hungry for knowledge. INFS alumnus – Jaya Nair is living up to these words. She gave herself the gift of knowledge for her 50th birthday. Not only is she proving to be an inspiration for the men and women of her generation, but she is also motivating several youngsters in transforming people’s lives.

A fitness consultant at the age of 50? Whoever had thought! But, Jaya Nair is an exception. As a fitness coach, she has already transformed over 80 people, and INFS is more than glad to have played a role in helping her achieve this.

Read on to know Jaya’s story and discover what part did INFS play in her journey. 

The Trigger to Get a Hold Over Health

When asked, what was the reason that she resolved to focus on her health, Jaya walked us down her memory lane. It was February 2020 and she had a blackout in a hospital. The panic caused by that incident turned into a wake-up call for her. She realized that it was time to pull up her socks and take control of her health. As she recalled this incident, we noticed how Jaya turned a negative event in her life into a source of motivation. 

The First ‘Healthy’ Step

Jaya discovered the FITTR platform – a place where you can discuss health and fitness with its community, find motivation, transform yourself, or seek help from coaches to receive guidance regarding transformation. On the platform, she came across the book ‘Get Shredded’ by FITTR founder Jitendra Chouksey. Jaya tells that the book became her bible in all respects. Reading the book and implementing what she had learned from it was the first step she took towards becoming healthy. 

INFS to the Rescue

Jaya realized that her thirst for knowledge wasn’t yet quenched after having completed the book ‘Get Shredded’. She wanted to gain a deeper understanding of nutrition and fitness. She wanted to delve deep into this vast and interesting subject, and that’s when she realized that INFS was her best bet. Wishing to do something new on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, she signed up on the INFS website.

Putting her mind to gaining more knowledge in August, she started studying for the Foundation Course. After appearing for her Foundation exam in September, she did not halt her studies. She went on to give the Expert Course exam in the month of October. What helped her learn a lot was her interactions on the INFS FB pages, the recorded sessions by INFS faculty, and the course material provided by the institute. 

The Greatest Lesson Learnt

During her entire journey, Jaya learned a lot. But, her greatest learning was that one should be a learner for life! Never should one devoid themselves of gaining knowledge just because they have crossed a certain age. I gave myself the biggest gift on my 50th birthday – the gift of knowledge.

Jaya had never thought that she would be learning something new just before her 50th birthday, leave alone becoming a fitness coach. But, here she is today, a student for a lifetime, also transforming others through the power of knowledge.            

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