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How to become a yoga teacher in India?

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has been embraced by people from all around the world today. Due to the rising popularity of yoga, there has been a demand for yoga teachers as well.

This guide covers all the steps required to become a certified yoga teacher in India.

What is Yoga?

How to become yoga teacher in India?
Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that may have originated around 3000 years ago in northern India. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj” which means union. It is not just a great form of exercise but also a great practice to relax your mind and body. Yoga is sometimes called a “meditative movement” practice. The basic aim behind yoga is to connect the mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of becoming a yoga teacher

Before we dive into the step by step process of becoming a yoga teacher or a yoga instructor, let us see some of the benefits of teaching yoga:

Live a healthy lifestyle

As a yoga teacher, you would spend days after days practising yoga yourself. This would have a positive effect on your own body. Moreover, as a yoga instructor, you will get an opportunity to practise yoga in a calm and peaceful environment.

Regularly practising yoga can provide a greater sense of security, self-confidence and self-compassion. Thus, you would experience all this (and more) as a yoga instructor.

You will get better at yoga

As they say, practice makes a man perfect.

You will get an opportunity to practise yoga regularly. You would discover new ways of enhancing your yoga skills and simultaneously sharing these tips with your students.

Eventually, you would improve your yoga skills.

You will communicate with like-minded people

One of the perks of becoming a yoga teacher is that you would get a chance to spend time with like-minded people. Your students as well as you could spend precious moments together discussing yoga, improving your yoga skills and just practising yoga.

It is a growing career opportunity

The demand for certified yoga teachers would continue to rise in future as well.

If you start now, you can become an experienced yoga teacher in the coming years and would be able to take this ahead as a profitable career plan.


Yoga teacher training and certification: How to become a certified yoga instructor in India?

How to become yoga teacher in India?
What qualifications do you need to be a yoga teacher?

To become a certified yoga teacher in India, you will need the following educational qualifications:

You can start by completing graduation and post-graduation in yoga. The education provided in these professional courses would help you in understanding the basics of yoga and therefore would make you a really good yoga teacher.

If you have already completed your graduation and post-graduation from some other field of study, don’t worry! You can still become a certified yoga trainer.

You can opt for yoga teacher certification courses and can thus pursue your dream of becoming a yoga teacher in India. Yoga teacher training courses would help you in understanding the required skills for becoming a yoga teacher.

Remember, along with the knowledge of different yoga schools, good yoga practice and profound knowledge of different asanas of yoga; you would also need to learn the business side of teaching yoga. Therefore, even if you have a graduation and a postgraduate degree in yoga, I would recommend you to go for a yoga teacher certification course. Yoga teacher training would help you in understanding the business side of teaching yoga. You would learn how to handle students, how to get clients for your yoga school, how to create a curriculum for your students as well as various other skills.

A great thing is that nowadays it is easily possible to become a yoga teacher without even leaving the comforts of your home. If you are not able to travel outside of your city to get yoga teacher training, you can still become a certified yoga trainer.
There are several online yoga teacher training programs that can help you in achieving your dream of becoming a yoga teacher in India.

Yoga protocol instructor course (By INFS)

How to become yoga teacher in India?
To become a certified yoga teacher, you don’t even need to leave your house. You can get yoga teacher certification from the comfort of your home.

INFS’s Yoga protocol instructor course is one such course. This course is specifically meant for training aspiring yoga teachers. This course will provide you with the required skills and knowledge for becoming a yoga teacher.

The course will teach you all the important yoga postures with the help of demonstrations. The curriculum of the course is aligned to the Yoga certification board’s ‘Yoga protocol instructor’, approved by the Ministry of AYUSH.

Once you complete the theory and practical examinations, you would be given a certificate by INFS.

You can check out the Yoga protocol instructor course here.

Required skills for becoming a successful yoga teacher in India

Apart from the required educational qualifications, it would be helpful if you also develop the following skills. These would help you in becoming a successful yoga instructor.

Good communication skills

Every teacher (not just a yoga teacher) should develop good communication skills. As a teacher, your job would require you to share your knowledge with the students effectively. Therefore, it would be helpful if you start working on your communication skills from the first day itself.

Make sure that your instructions and lessons are clear. You should be able to perfectly demonstrate techniques and forms to the students. Most of the students in your classes would be beginners so they would need your guidance regularly.


In the case of group classes, you would be handling anywhere from around 15 to 20 students per class. Therefore, having good coordination skills would help you in managing different students. Not all students would be at an equal level. Therefore, you would need to divide your time between beginner students, intermediate students as well as students who want to learn yoga but are probably lacking somewhere. Your role as a yoga teacher would be to guide them and encourage them in the right direction.


How to become yoga teacher in India?
Yes, another important quality that you should have as a yoga teacher is patience. You would need patience for two things: If you want to start your own yoga classes, you would need patience as getting clients and building a rich client base take time. You would gradually build your client base. Sometimes, you might even lose some clients. Therefore, patience is a key quality when it comes to being a yoga teacher.

You would also need patience while teaching yoga in the classes. To maintain a good environment in the classes, patience is necessary.


It is the key to conducting successful yoga classes. As a yoga teacher, you should make sure that there is discipline in your classes. Unnecessary noises from smartphone notifications or any other kind of disturbance can lead to a negative environment in the classes. This won’t serve the purpose of learning yoga. Therefore, make sure that there is discipline in your classes.

Can anyone do a yoga teacher training?

Yes. Anyone who has a passion for yoga and loves to share his/her acquired knowledge with others can do yoga teacher training.

I have already covered the requirements for becoming a yoga teacher in India. Once you have acquired the necessary skills, qualifications and certifications, you can start your career as a yoga teacher.


Becoming a yoga teacher is both exciting and challenging. With the required skill set, you can achieve this dream. Keep working hard and you would certainly become a successful yoga instructor in no time.

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