Careers in Fitness

Careers in Fitness Industry

Fitness not only employs physical fitness but also encompasses our mental and social aspects. It is a holistic approach that will lead us on the path of development and wellness. 

Earlier, people didn’t have to work towards physical fitness due to the nature of their professions which involved a lot of physical work. That indirectly contributed towards their physical fitness. But as days and years passed by, most of our professions became restricted to sitting in one place.

Careers in Fitness Industry

Today, we work more with our minds than our bodies; leading to a sedentary stressful lifestyle. The overall picture looks sad and this is where our fitness professionals step in. 

In India, the market for fitness is growing exponentially; especially after the recent COVID-19 pandemic which has made people more aware of the importance of taking good care of their health. One more driver of physical fitness is the promotion of well-toned and aesthetic bodies by our celebrities who are promoting various systems of fitness from yoga to kickboxing and others. They have become an inspiration for the youth and adults alike and although it does come at an expensive cost, we do not mind paying it as long as we get the desired results. 

Earlier, the fitness industry was dominated mainly by the male population but recently due to the evolution in technology and the spread of knowledge, more and more females are taking up fitness as a profession and are succeeding in it by leaps and bounds. Lifestyle-related health issues like hypothyroidism, PCOD/PCOS and age-related health issues like osteoporosis are other factors that are driving women towards physical fitness. Many have even benefitted and combatted their health conditions by reducing their weight and becoming healthier.

Another indispensable element of fitness is nutrition. Eating healthy is essential not only for the body but also for the mind and people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of diet and nutrition in their lives. Having proper guidance from qualified individuals goes a long way and ultimately will help a person in reaching his fitness targets.

As nutrition and fitness become an ideology and a culture, it ushers in a new era in the fitness industry. Let us have a look at how this industry is growing as a profession:


Dietician, Nutritionist and a Certified Nutrition Consultant: Differences

Scope of fitness industry in India

The scope of the fitness industry in India is ever expanding as the fitness industry is seeing massive growth. Also, this is an evergreen industry that is here to stay and without a recession. Now that says something! As more and more people venture into the world of fitness, the revenue pouring in also increases considerably. The statistics and numbers look very lucrative and promising for years to come.

The projected revenue in the fitness segment in India is to reach USD 2,152 million by the end of 2021 (Statista e-Services Report 2020 — Fitness). From 2020 to 2024, India’s fitness industry is projected to see a 1.4% increase in its annual revenue. [Statista – 2020]

Studies of the Indian retail fitness services market show that around six million active users in India spend on an average $350 to $400 annually towards fitness services. This amounts to a whopping $2.6 billion market size which is considerably very large.

The market of food products related to health and wellness in India is an INR 10,352 crore market with a growth rate of about 10%. The demand for food products that suit healthy lifestyles and diet requirements are increasing in trend.

If we go to the number of gyms in India, the country has 3,813 gyms that serve over 2 million members. In India, a gym earns an average of $215,316.02 in annual revenue. [IHRSA – 2020]. Apart from gyms we also have other options of fitness like the health and wellness clubs and studios where different forms of exercises are practised like yoga, aerobics, zumba, etc. among the others.

Sports and swimming clubs have a market of their own. In recent COVID -19 times, people have even gone digital and are conducting training sessions online for the majority of their clients. Home workouts and bodyweight training are gaining popularity. This has opened avenues of diverse career options in the fitness industry. 

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Careers in fitness industry

  • Fitness trainers / personal trainers

Careers in Fitness Industry

What do they do?

As a fitness trainer, you can lead your client and others in exercise activities. You can help them in strength training and conditioning, stretching as well as cardio exercises. As a personal trainer, you will have to formulate workout plans for your clients according to their goals and also see whether they are performing the recommended exercises properly. You can also work as a freelancer without joining any gyms and make a brand of your own.

Required qualification

Certification by a recognized institution is a basic requirement. You can also do some specialization courses in your area of interest for extra credits.

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Fitness Coaching and Psychology

  • Athletic trainers

What do they do?

As an athletic trainer, you will have to prevent, examine and treat any injuries faced by athletes. You will also have to treat minor injuries that may happen to the athlete during sports events and competitions and assist them in rehabilitation after injuries. You can be employed by sports teams, schools and universities with athletic programs, as well as advanced fitness centres. An athletic trainer can also recommend lifestyle changes and diet to the athletes enrolled under him. 

Required qualification

Various institutes in India have started with courses that lead to degrees or diplomas in athletic training. The requirement for these courses is 10+2 from a recognized Board, while the minimum eligibility for a postgraduate program is a Bachelor’s degree in any stream. Besides, classroom education, practical exposure is also necessary for the job.

  • Massage therapist

What do they do?

As a massage therapist, you will be responsible for the manipulation of different muscles and soft tissues of the body to relieve the clients of pain and stress and for other health benefits. You can work in spas, health clubs and hotels.

Required qualification

There is no specific educational qualification required. Although a 10+2 qualification is sufficient, being a graduate is helpful for this profession. While opting for any program in massage therapy it should be seen that the program is recognized or affiliated by the Department of Education. An associate or bachelor’s degree is an added advantage.

  • Nutrition expert

Careers in Fitness Industry

What do they do?

As a nutritionist, you provide recommendations about diets for individuals and institutions. You can work one-on-one with individuals or get attached to schools, hospitals, and clinics that ensure meal offerings. You can provide dietary plans for people wishing to lose weight, specific training suggestions for athletes, and guidance to patients who may require nutritional help because of chronic diseases or treatments.

Required qualification 

A person typically must have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or related food science. Many institutions give postgraduate degrees as well as diplomas. Certification from recognized institutions can also be obtained to pursue a career in this field.

  • Sports nutritionist

What do they do?

As a sports nutritionist, you will have to set up meal plans for athletes that provide the greatest possible benefits for their performance. You will have to specify their dietary regimens, based upon the athlete’s body, the workout schedule, and the sport itself.

You can work at a fitness gym or you can be employed directly by teams or individual athletes. 

Required qualification 

To pursue this career, you will need a bachelor’s degree in dietary science or a related field. You will also have to gain practical experience by working with fitness professionals at bigger and more expensive gyms and wellness centres.

  • Yoga / Pilates instructor

How to become yoga teacher in India?

What do they do?

As a yoga / pilates instructor, you will have to conduct classes or private sessions to teach participants how to correctly perform the yoga or pilates movements and techniques. You will also have to ensure a safe class environment and inform the participants of safety rules and monitor them throughout the class.

Required qualification 

To become a yoga instructor, the minimum qualification needed is a bachelor’s degree in yoga. You can further pursue specializations in the same. Pilates training is given by various institutions in the country. You will have to check if the pilates program is recognized or affiliated with a university while opting for it.

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  • Weight and Lifestyle Management Consultant

What do they do?

As a weight and lifestyle management consultant, you will have to educate clients regarding weight loss, diet and exercise. You will also have to look into the clients’ lifestyles and address the lifestyle disorders that they may have been suffering from. For this, you will also have to keep in touch with your client’s physician. 

Required qualification 

A bachelor’s degree in health, nutrition, fitness or any related field is acceptable. You can even have certifications from recognized institutions of fitness to add extra credit. Practical experience is a bonus.

  • Calisthenic trainer

What do they do 

As a calisthenics trainer, you will formulate calisthenics exercise plans for your clients. These exercises are mostly bodyweight exercises that require minimum instruments. You will have to guide your clients to perform these correctly; eventually helping them to progress to higher versions of the exercises without injuries.

Required qualification 

Calisthenics certifications are provided by various recognized institutions. A basic bachelor’s degree is preferable. You yourself need to be well advanced physically in this form of fitness to teach and educate others regarding the same.

These are just a few of the options. There are many more career opportunities that still need to be explored further. You can always become the first one to carve out a career for your own self and others in fitness.

Make sure you give quality results to your clients. And for that, you need to have thorough knowledge about what arena you want to work in. You also need to be able to practically apply this knowledge to your clients according to their needs. Our professional courses will teach you just that and help you achieve your dream career in the fitness industry.

Following are some of the professional INFS courses which you can undertake.

Careers in Fitness Industry

INFS brings you this yoga course right to the comforts of your home! The yoga instructor course will provide you with basic knowledge of yoga for individual practice, and also act as a stepping stone to begin your career as a yoga teacher. You will be taught all the yoga postures through practical demonstrations and skill sessions. The curriculum is aligned to the Yoga Certification Board’s ‘Yoga Protocol Instructor’ certification, approved by the Ministry of AYUSH.

This Sports Nutrition Course provided by INFS is a comprehensive course that is designed keeping in mind the special demands of different sports, training protocols, an athlete’s goals and current conditions. It will help you design nutrition plans for athletes engaged in various sports; be it strength training or endurance.

This course will help you approach calisthenics from strength, power, endurance, body composition and skill aspects of fitness. It will help you learn and incorporate calisthenics not only as a skill but also as a muscle-building training technique. 

This is an online INFS course that will be taught through video series. 

This course provided by INFS is a culmination of research and evidence-based curriculum as well as practical knowledge. It will not only give you scientific knowledge but you will also be able to develop the requisite skills to be successful in the field of nutrition and fitness. 

You will be able to get university-level education through virtual classrooms and expert faculty. In addition to this, you will also be given multiple learning aids. This diploma will also provide you with a wide range of employability and entrepreneurship skills.

So, choose the path you feel is the best for you. Enrol with INFS today to excel and achieve greater heights in your career.

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