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How to Become a Nutrition Coach?

Nutrition is a field of science which deals with how food and its nutrients are used by the body for various physiological functions that keep one healthy. When you understand the basics regarding which nutrients the food has, and which foods can be consumed, it would be easy to help yourself and the people around in changing the food habits.

Who is a Nutrition Coach? 

How to Become a Nutrition Coach?

A nutrition coach, who is not a registered dietician, helps people by providing nutrition plans based on their goals. On becoming a nutrition coach, you will also be responsible for educating people about making the right kind of food choices and the quantity to consume, based on their goal and lifestyle. You should make sure about including all the food groups that address the nutritional recommendations. A coach also emphasizes on the importance of including a structured exercise routine along with the diet plan. 

You should also be able to help people with the problems of adherence and motivation. Goals like fat loss, weight gain, and common lifestyle disorders such as obesity, which leads to type-2 diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, and high blood cholesterol, should also be managed through nutritional intervention for weight management, keeping the healthcare professional in the loop, wherever required. 

The coach typically starts by communicating with the potential client, assessing their diet and lifestyle history, planning a strategy that works for the client, monitoring the progress on a timely basis, and making necessary modifications that lead them towards the goal. You should aim not just for weight loss or gain, but for improvement in overall health. A nutritionist or a nutrition coach would eventually help the general population to change their approach towards food by healthy eating and fix the quality of their overall lifestyle.


Is Nutrition Coaching a Good Career Choice?

How to Become a Nutrition Coach?

There is a huge gap between the demand and supply of nutrition consultants or coaches since in recent years, many people have started looking for sustainable ways to get healthy and fit. This gap needs to be occupied and hence, it would be a good option for you if you wish to make it a career. Being a nutrition coach, there are wide opportunities in the field that you can choose from. You can work as a freelance nutrition and fitness coach, and find leads through various social media platforms. You can also work as consultants in hospitals or with doctors at private clinics, gyms and wellness centers, corporate health consultants, and government and private health care centers as well. A coach can also conduct educational initiatives like workshops, seminars, or webinars for various organizations which would want to help their employees follow a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, the demand is increasing with no saturation in near future. So, there is more need for nutritional coaches.

How to Become a Nutrition Coach?

To become a nutrition coach, you may pursue a typical degree. Other options include completing a certification course or a diploma in nutrition to acquire all the required knowledge. A minimum qualification of at least Class 12 or equivalent is required to do such courses. The course should be imbibed with the understanding of not just the theory of nutrition but also a practical approach with evidence-based solutions. You should be able to catch up with the newest findings from scientific studies and upgrade your knowledge to provide better solutions towards a healthier lifestyle.

Other skills that are equally important are communication, client handling, and also understanding the psychology of clients towards their journey to being fit. There are many courses from various universities or institutions that offer degree courses to post-graduation programs, with specific areas of specialization in the field of nutrition science. It is necessary to carefully look for recognized courses/programs that provide all theoretical and practical knowledge.

Once certified with all the skills and knowledge, you can start with either an internship in various health care institutes or as a freelancer to build your brand. Further education can also be pursued to provide nutrition or exercise advice for specialized cases. Courses like pregnancy and postpartum, child and adolescence, or sports nutrition can be pursued. 

Along with good knowledge of nutrition, a nutrition coach should have the following skills.

  • Good communication techniques
  • Better listening skills that indicate you hear out the client patiently, understand their perspective and then offer solutions
  • Knowledge about setting realistic goals rather than unrealistic short-term goals.
  • Capability to demystify the nutritional and fitness myths and bro-science by finding well-researched evidence
  • Providing information to clients on using various food groups and meal planning
  • Understanding the client’s behavior and adherence issues
  • Enhancing client’s self-reliance and steering them towards the goal
  • Educating the clients in layman terms and helping them with the maintenance phase

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How to Become a Nutrition Coach?

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Finding a well-recognized course that is equipped with all the necessary skills that one needs to possess to be a successful nutrition and fitness coach is very crucial. A certification is needed so that the potential client or the employer knows the extent of knowledge you have gained, and it would let them know the approach is safe. 

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