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INFS & International Accreditation

Did you know?

INFS Courses are Internationally Accredited as per the CPD UK Standards.

Don’t worry if you are hearing these terms for the first time. We are here to walk you through these concepts & explain to you how International Accreditation can be beneficial for you in the long run.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is an independent evaluation of an institute (‘a conformity assessment body’ to be specific) against established quality standards. The body can be accredited regionally, nationally or internationally.

It promotes institutional self-improvement as the institute consistently upgrades itself to meet the required standards.

Importance of Accreditation

Consider accreditation as a seal of credibility. It ensures that the institute fulfils the highest standards of quality. Accreditation also helps students in choosing the best institute for their education. An accredited institute not only provides high-quality education but also enables the students to build a successful career. The accreditation means that the institute has been evaluated and that it meets the recognized standards.

INFS & International Accreditation

It’s indeed a matter of pride for us to share with you that INFS courses are internationally accredited. Our courses are created by expert faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. The courses are reviewed by experts before they are made available. This ensures that every bit of information that is shared in the course is verified & fact-based. The accreditation is a stamp by an external independent evaluator that they have reviewed and found the learning methodology to be structured, impactful and practical.  

Apart from this, there are many other benefits of International Accreditation. Let’s have a look at some of the most important benefits:

  • Practice Internationally as a Fitness Coach

Once you complete your INFS certification to become a Fitness Professional, you can practise as a ‘Fitness Coach’ or ‘Nutrition Coach’ anywhere in the world including US, UK, Australia and UAE. Remember to practice within the bounds of your certification activities, i.e. you can work with clients to help them adapt to a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise, but you cannot promise to treat or reverse medical conditions. All in all, there is nothing in the way of you building your career internationally and many of our alumni have done exactly that.

So, whether you have always wanted to shift abroad and make a living there or (let’s say) you have to shift to another country due to some reason; you know you have the required skills and knowledge for building your career.

  • Offers Professional Development Opportunities

Another great thing about international accreditation is that it offers a lot of professional development opportunities. You get a chance to develop your skills and grow professionally.

Also, when you apply for higher education or jobs, institutes (and companies) recognise the fact that you have completed your education from an internationally accredited institute. This elevates your chances of getting admission/job. Mention in your resume that you have completed your ‘internationally accredited certification or Diploma’ from INFS.

And that’s why it is considered a good practice (but not a mandatory practice) to enrol in internationally accredited educational institutions.

  • Facilitates the Transfer of Credit 

Another benefit of pursuing a course that is internationally accredited is that transfer of your learning credits is easier. All accredited institutes (including INFS) accept these credits for the renewal of your existing certifications. If you do further specialization from other institutes, you can use the credits of ACE, NASM, ISSA, and other accredited organizations to renew your INFS certification and vice versa. So, the credits earned via any of the INFS courses also will help you in automatically renewing your international certification.

Well, there’s another term that might be bothering you – CPD. Let’s decode that now. Shall we?

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) involves intentionally developing the knowledge, skills and personal qualities you need to perform your professional responsibilities.

It is generally required by professional bodies and institutes, which provide CPD schemes. But it can also be undertaken independently by professionals who don’t belong to an institute.

In other words, CPD includes learning activities that help in the development of new skills professionally. This can include a wide variety of activities like workshops, conferences, e-learning programmes etc.

Just like international accreditation, there are many benefits of CPD too. First of all, it helps the institute to demonstrate credibility & provide value to the students. Secondly, it ensures high standards of quality. Moreover, it stimulates progress professionally.

So, now you can see how beneficial INFS courses can be. Don’t limit yourself. Instead, aim to gain knowledge and carve out a career for yourself. Here’s your chance to shine in your chosen profession by having internationally recognised certifications. 

Here is a list of INFS courses. We have a wide range of courses, ranging from professional certifications, including advanced courses to help you establish yourself as a professional in fitness or nutrition. Choose the course that best suits your requirements.


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