INFS Alumni Interview Series

INFS Alumni Series: Once A Software Engineer, Now The 2021 IFBB PRO Women’s Bikini Athlete

INFS alumnus – Sarina Pani recently became the newest IFBB PRO Women’s Bikini Athlete. She has also won quite a few other powerlifting competitions besides doing shows like the Fit Factor and Beach Body. But, this was long after she faced an unfortunate incident that made her realize the importance of health over money. Little did she know that this realization would change her entire life! Read on to know about Sarina’s life as a personal trainer and what made her become one leaving behind a stable IT job. 

Leading the Normal Life 


Sarina is a software engineer and had a financially rewarding job in the IT industry. After getting married, she started lifting weights in 2019. She loved how she was left feeling empowered after every weight training session. The more she lifted, the more she enjoyed it, and the stronger she got. Initially, it was all about becoming fitter and stronger. Never had Sarina thought that this was just the beginning and soon she would turn into someone she had never even imagined. 

Rising from an Unfortunate Incident

 While everything was quiet and calm, Sarina suddenly found herself in the midst of a storm. Life came to a standstill outside a hospital ICU as her husband suffered from a brain stroke and was paralyzed. With no idea what was going to happen next, it struck her how health is the only thing we need and not money. The thought kept lingering in her mind even as life slowly and steadily came back to normal. Something had changed permanently for Sarina though. She did not want anyone to face what she had faced and wished she could help people understand the importance of leading a healthy life. 

Her passion for weight training made her realize that she can achieve this by becoming a personal trainer. With a decision of keeping people from facing health adversities like her near and dear one had, Sarina vowed to step into the fitness industry as a coach and help people become healthier. Leaving the IT job was no easy choice but one she opted for without a second thought.  

Completing the INFS Course

Sarina says she received many valuable lessons after enrolling under INFS. The best one was giving back to society and helping them. In the process of becoming a fitness coach, she changed completely. Her entire perspective of life changed. While wanting to help the people around her, she helped herself become more confident of her skin and body.  It is this very confidence that has brought Sarina this far, helping her become the newest IFBB PRO Women’s Bikini Athlete. INFS cannot be more glad of being part of Sarina’s successful journey!

Life as a Personal Trainer

As a fitness coach, Sarina’s entire day revolves around her clients. Receiving their calls, checking up on them, planning their diet and workouts take up most of her time. Apart from this, she works out to maintain her health and focuses on having a good night’s sleep. Realizing how many lives she has touched helps her in having a sound sleep. 

Looking at how she has changed as a person keeps Sarina motivated as a fitness coach. The lives she has changed and the appreciation she receives on a daily basis also keeps her going. She is driven in helping as many people as she can. For Sarina, it’s not the money that matters; it’s the people’s blessings she counts.

A Wise Woman Says…

To all the aspiring fitness professionals, here is Sarina piece of advice. 

“Take small steps and don’t jump into just trying to be famous or rich. Work on yourself first, help as much as you can. Don’t expect to be a superstar in a single day, and most importantly, practice as you preach!”

Author: Ketki H is a wandering soul who loves travelling solo, and firmly believes in enjoying the journey rather than hurrying to the destination. Although a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, she took to writing for reaching the masses.

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