INFS Alumni Interview Series

INFS Alumni Series: Chasing Dreams With Sheer Determination

INFS alumnus – Manish Kaushik is a pharmacist by profession and a fitness coach by passion. He says that becoming a fitness trainer was the only dream that he chased with all his heart and soul, and to successfully achieve it, he put his personal and professional life at stake.

Read on to know Manish’s story that speaks of sheer determination at length!


The First Trigger

Manish used to weigh 108 kg and confesses living a laid-back life. He remembers hiring a rickshaw to travel short distances and that gives us a sneak peek of just how easy-going he was. But then, he lost his father, and that truly triggered him first to step into the fitness industry. The loss of his father left him feeling very helpless, wishing he could overcome the grief and become mentally strong. One fine day, Manish simply accepted that he needed help. Having gone through such tough times, later on pushed him to consider becoming a coach as Manish wanted to positively impact people’s physical and mental health. 

Lifelong Lessons Learned at INFS 

Deciding to chase the dream of becoming a fitness coach, Manish directed all his focus into finding the right path. He soon found INFS and realized that the institute would be just right to make his dream come true. It was at INFS that he found the right scientific approach. The institute set a path for him to walk along and achieve his goal. Manish did not just gain knowledge on fitness and nutrition at INFS, he received answers to many unanswered questions regarding his coaching journey. He also says that INFS is the place that imbibed on his mind how handling someone’s health is a very important job and one cannot be wrong with their approach.

Finding Empathy through Fitness Coaching

Being a fitness coach, Manish practices being fit to keep his clients fit. He is a role model for many of them and it gives him immense pleasure in knowing that. But, at the same time, it has made him realize how important it is for him to stay on track. Becoming a fitness coach has also made Manish very empathetic. He always applies his approach to himself before suggesting it to his clients. This helps him understand what issues his clients might face. Being peaceful and calm has now become his second nature.

The Daily Grind

Think of daily routine and one might consider it to be dull or monotonous. But, not for Manish. He starts his day early at 4 AM with his international calls to clients. At 5 AM, he exercises and works on his fitness. He does one interesting task every day, and that is going to the local parks and gathering around youngsters to educate them about a healthy lifestyle. Between 12 and 1 PM, he studies to stay updated on the current information on nutrition, fitness, and health.

Then onwards, he keeps connecting with his mentees over video calls. He sleeps early at 9 PM as he believes – early to bed, early to rise. Manish stays motivated to follow this routine day in, day out by reminding himself of his little contribution to people’s lives.

Their smiles keep him going and push him to do better. In the next five years, he wants to see himself becoming a successful coach who is admired by the world. He wants to be more skilled and furnished to change people’s mental health efficiently. 

Advice to the Future Coaches

To all the aspiring fitness professionals, Manish has an insightful piece of advice. 

“Understand people’s mentality. Be a good listener. Share your life experiences so that your clients faithfully connect to you and communicate with you.”  

Author:  Ketki H is a wandering soul who loves travelling solo, and firmly believes in enjoying the journey rather than hurrying to the destination. Although a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, she took to writing for reaching the masses.

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