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How to Set a Price for Coaching?

You have completed your certification, and now comes the hard part – how do you sell and how much do you sell it for?

Today, let’s discuss how much do you sell it for. Below are five steps that will help you decide the right price for your coaching service.

Know your Worth 

Take into account how much have you spent on your studies and professional eligibility. Also, consider how much will you need per month or per year to meet your needs and wants.

Decide what Services you are going to offer 

    • Is it going to be just nutrition consulting or both nutrition and exercise? – More the service, higher the price.
    • Is it going to be a one-on-one personal training service?- You need to account for your time, commutation charges, and overall effort.


Decide the Timeline of the Service

Will your service be limited to one session, multiple sessions, or a period of 60 to 120 days? It is always better to prioritize longer-duration programs as they help build connections, and you can also charge more. But, you can keep 10-15% of your service as a one-time facility.

Research the Market

Look at what the other experts are charging as of now for the services that you would like to offer your clients. This will give you a price range to work around with.

Set the Price

This is the phase where you decide the price for your services.

Let us say, you need to earn 100,000 INR per month to meet your needs and have a comfortable living. 

  •    Set the price as per the type of service
    • Nutrition Only – Set price to LOW
    • Nutrition and Exercise – Set price to MEDIUM
    • Personal Training – Set price to HIGH as it involves more time and effort from your end.
  • Set price as per the duration of the service
    • 90-Day Package – This gives you enough time to deliver visible results.
    • 120-Day Package – This gives more time to work with clients who have long-term goals, and also helps them compare different packages. It has a positive impact on sales psychology. Instead of looking at how costly a 90-day package is, potential clients would now look at which package, the 90-day or the 120-day package, they should choose?

As someone who is just starting with their fitness journey, people may like to try you out first. So, it is safe to expect that you will sell the 90-day package more. Hence, aim for 60% revenue from this package. As per the goal of earning 100,000 INR every month, you will need 60,000 INR from this package.

Now, the higher package may translate to 30% of your revenue because it has a higher ticket size and you will need fewer enrollments to meet it. The goal is to earn 30,000 INR from the same.

Like I mentioned above, 10% of your revenue can come from the one-time facility. So, you can charge per consultation and that could help you with 10,000 INR per month.

  • Use the data collected from the research

Let’s say – experts, at your stage or level, charge as below.

  • Nutrition only – INR 3000-4000 for 90-Day Package
  • Nutrition and Exercise – INR 6000-8000 for 90-Day Package
  • Personal Training – INR 12000-15000 for 12 Sessions
  • One-on-One Consultation – INR 500-1000 per consultation
  • Now, as per your needs, let us set your package price.
    • You need 60,000 INR from consultation or personal training.
    • Look at how many hours you can spend in a week.

PT sessions will take 90 minutes each, including the setup or commute time. If you want to work 8 hours a day, you might not be able to take more than 3-4 sessions in a day without tiring yourself out. Also, if you are PT certified, only then you can offer this service. To make 60,000 INR from this, you will need to have five enrollments for 12,000 INR which is not very tough to get. You can take 2-3 sessions in a day and distribute five client sessions on alternate days.

Coming to nutrition-only or nutrition-and-exercise combo – the certification you hold will help you decide here. If you hold a certification like INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness, you can do both and also charge more. As per market research, people charge 6000-8000 INR for 90 days. To start with, you can keep competitive pricing and charge 6,000 INR per package.

This means that you will need 10 enrollments from a 90-Day Package to make 60,000 INR. But, if you decide only on nutrition consultation, you may price it at 4,000 INR. In this case, you will need 15 enrollments per month which is slightly higher but not impossible. The benefit of the long-duration service is that your effort is distributed across 90 days.

As we discussed earlier, we need to generate a revenue of 30% from high ticket size, i.e, the 120-day package. This means you can set it at 10,000 INR which you may sell saying – “Commit for longer and save 2000 INR”.  You will need only three enrollments here to meet 30,000 INR. In the case of PT, you may sell 24 sessions to earn this with just two enrollments.

In case you are certified in PT and Nutrition, you can provide both the services and work for less than 40 hours a week and still make the same money.

To generate revenue from one-on-one consultation, you can offer that service as a low-cost, one-time consultation service, and price it at 500-1000 INR. This can also be used as a lead-conversion call wherein you may offer to waive off the consultation price of 1000 INR if the client decides to pay for the 90- or 120-Day package. This is good if you think from a client’s perspective.

So, 10 consultation calls of 30 minutes each can help you earn your 10% revenue, i.e, 10,000 INR. In the case of PT, a one-time session can be offered at 2,000 INR, and you will need to hold five one-time sessions to earn 10,000 INR.

Special Note – Consider the taxes while setting the price.

As you grow in the field, you should change your pricing and set it higher. It is a good practice to keep yourself updated with certifications and expertise to be able to earn more in the future.

Author: Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee (Senior Faculty and Head of Corporate Relationships and Placement, INFS)

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