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Online Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

Online marketing is very important for personal trainers. It’s an effective way to reach the right audience. Personal trainers need to be visible to their potential customers, which is why online marketing is very important for them. Here are a few strategies for a personal trainer to build their brand’s presence.

Build Your Website

Having a website is very important as it is here that your leads can be converted to your client. Your website should have all the important information like your contact information, the services you offer, and the client’s testimonials.

Whenever you get a lead, you can direct them to your website after a good chat. This makes the process look more professional and trustworthy. You may be wondering how can you design a website without being an engineer, right? Don’t worry. You can make your own website with just a few clicks in Exly.


Write Blogs

Writing blogs about different topics related to fitness can help people and it can also increase your credibility as a personal trainer. You can put this on your website where your leads are being directed. Imagine after talking with you they head to your website and find so many helpful blogs.

This will increase the chance of conversion and in the worst-case scenario if they don’t convert, at least they will have a good impression of you. They may even refer you to other people.

Staying Active On Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms are the best way to market yourself. The most important thing is that you get exposure on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These platforms allow for more engagement with your audience than any other form of advertising because people spend a lot of time there each day looking at pictures or videos from friends and family members who may not be in their immediate vicinity.

When you make a post and if someone likes it and shares it, the friends and family members of that person will be able to see your post too. This way you will be able to create your own community and helping those community members is going to fetch you more clients.

Either they will enroll you as personal trainers or they will talk about you to other people which will increase your reach. Ultimately they will advertise you without you even thinking about it.


Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to advertise online is through email marketing. The internet has opened up many ways to communicate with people, but very few are more effective than email marketing.

Email marketing allows you to be in contact with your customers on a regular basis without having to worry about the intrusive nature of other forms of advertising such as television or radio. By using email marketing, you can make sure that your emails are relevant and useful to your customers, which makes them much more likely to open and read them. This is also a good way to build a relationship with your customers over time.


Creating Whatsapp or Telegram Groups

Creating small groups for your existing and past clients and sharing information or helping them with general questions and answers can build a good relationship with your customers. This will help you in the long run as they will promote your business without even asking for it. The logic to building your business is very simple: “You help them, they will help you”.

In this technologically advancing world, online marketing is a lucrative platform to build and grow your client base and establish yourself as a personal trainer. Smart use of the online platforms will help you not only gain clients and money but also get a chance to touch and impact the lives of many. So what are you waiting for? Try these tips and let us know how useful did you find them in the comments section below.

Author: Najid Sheikh (INFS Faculty)

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