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In-studio Fitness Coach at Boxfit

BOXFIT is looking for dynamic and talented male/female in-studio fitness coaches in Delhi for a full-time role in the organization. As our ideal candidate, you should be capable of working in a highly active environment. You will be expected to have a passion for your role, and an ability to provide a quality training experience to the client.

Key Responsibilities:

  •       Evaluating clients’ fitness levels and health conditions.
  •       Build individualized exercise programs.
  •       Monitor the progress of clients’ fitness levels.
  •       Explain the safe and proper use of fitness equipment.
  •       Build a positive and trusting relationship with clients.
  •       Advise clients on how to change nutritional and lifestyle habits.

Desired Candidate:

  •        A meticulous personal appearance with strong communication skills and fluency in English is preferred.
  •       The ability to work in an environment that demands excellence, time and energy.
  •       Willing to relocate. In-studio trainer opportunity for Delhi studios only.
  •       A meticulous eye for detail.
  •       Qualified professional.
  •       High school diploma or equivalent required; college degree in exercise science, exercise physiology, or related field preferred. ACE, ACSM, INFS,NASM, K11 certification, Personal Trainer, GGU or comparable certification preferred.
  •       Demonstrated work experience in a fitness and/or athletic environment including demonstrated experience in the assessment of clients and development and monitoring.
  •       Ability to guide and motivate clients.

Look forward to

  •       Working with a world-class team.
  •       Fun and work at the same place with the amazing work culture and flexible timings.
  •       Get ready to transform yourself into a health junkie.
  •       Join BOXFIT and make history!

Put your best foot forward with your application.

Kindly fill in the application form or send your CV to and the team will get back to you shortly!

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