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How to track your fitness progress?

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We are approaching the end of the year and soon you would be creating fitness goals for 2023; considering you haven’t already started 😉

When it comes to goals, we usually associate goals with numbers. For example, a fitness goal might look like ‘I will lose X kgs per month next year.

Our fitness progress is linked to our fitness goals and thus we end up tracking our fitness progress in terms of such numbers as well.

So, today, I will walk you through some accurate ways of tracking your fitness progress:

Taking Measurements

Take body part measurements such as chest, waist, hip, forearm, and quads either in inches or cm once a week or 10 days. Changes in these parts will show a decrease in body fat, which is the real measurement of losing weight.

Track your Activity (Count your Steps)

Keeping a track of your daily physical activity along with a planned exercise routine. For example, you can count your daily steps (recommended average number of steps per day ~7000 to 10000 steps).

Fit in your Old Clothes

As a person loses body fat, even if there is no difference in the weighing scale, the way clothes fit also can also indicate progress.

Strength and Fatigue levels

If there’s an increase in strength levels with adherence to the daily exercise routine, you are in the right direction.

Keep these factors in mind while tracking your fitness levels.

To help you learn more about this topic, I have two blog posts for you. The first one talks about fitness trackers and devices The second post is a detailed guide on how to start a healthy lifestyle and stick to it.

Fitness Trackers and Devices

Be it a Fitbit or an apple watch or simply an app on our smartphones, for every fitness enthusiast, fitness trackers are no longer just fashion wear. They play an integral part in the lives of many. Which fitness tracker suits you best in the array of choices offered by the manufacturers?

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How to start a healthy lifestyle and stick to it?

A healthy lifestyle and healthy habits are usually difficult to follow and keep up with for many of us. But it is also true that fitness goals can be reached only by being persistent. Here are some tips that can help you start your healthy lifestyle and also help you stick to this lifestyle for a longer time.

Read further to know more.

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