Diploma Topper Series

Diploma Topper Series : Twist Of Tale

You call it fate or you call it destiny you cannot avoid it, but the way you respond to situations will determine the person you become. This is the story of yet another Diploma Topper, Harbaaz, who changed his fate during the pandemic. By turning his passion into a profession he faced his challenges and did rise above them. Let us gain inspiration from his story in his own words.

A Little About Myself

I am from a small town named Dabwali (Sirsa), Haryana. I have done B.Sc in Hospitality from IHM Chennai in 2018. Then I moved to Delhi and got a job in Hotel Corporate Sales with Marriott Hotels. I left my job due to COVID and since then I am in my city.

COVID Changed My Career Path

Fitness always fascinated me. I was interested in fitness since childhood and loved watching fitness videos on TV and later on YouTube. I have been training for almost a decade but I never thought that one day I would choose my passion as a profession.

I am the sole responsible person in my family. Due to COVID as I was at home with my mother and sister during the lockdown, I decided to pursue my passion for fitness as a career. I did the first fitness certification of my life during this time period. After completing the certification, I took a part-time job as a fitness trainer at a local gym because I wanted practical experience and wanted to apply the fitness principles to others. It is easy to experiment on yourself according to your routine and lifestyle, but when it comes to others then it is a different scenario.

Exploring More Into The Field

I always wanted to explore this industry more. I heard about Fittr from a friend of mine who was taking online coaching through Fittr. Going further I got to know about INFS. I completed my Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness from INFS.

My Study Routine

My study schedule was flexible. There was no time limit for study. But, when the exams were close, I focused more on the syllabus. I was comfortable with the concepts of exercise but had some difficulty with the nutrition stuff, especially ‘micronutrients’ 😅. I watched all the recorded lectures which were helpful. I also made detailed notes.

Support From Peers and Work Balance

INFS Facebook group was also helpful as they had many general topics which I wanted to ask. I also took help from Ms. Sarika during my weekly online classes.

We batchmates discussed with each other regarding the subjects, especially with Ms. Divya Raghu (INFS Topper). These things helped me to become the topper of the month too. I could manage my work easier when I was doing my FTP assignments, credit to my gym owner who was very cooperative.

Cracking Exams Made Easy

One thing which has always helped me to crack my exams is understanding concepts. Whether you understand in 15 days or 15 months, it was never too late to learn. I applied the same principles for all INFS exams. I highly recommend the same thing for Diploma students to understand the concepts and then you will be good to go. Create your own notes and revise them. 

An Optimistic Future

I can definitely say that I will be doing really well in this industry. I really enjoy what I’m doing now. I want to explore the fitness industry more and Fittr is a great platform for me to do so. I want to say that I will have no regrets as to why I chose this line for my career (when I will be 31 years from today in the next 5 years).

One simple thing I believe in is that, if you are enjoying what you are doing then there are high chances that you will do well in that particular field with new ideas and innovations. I am saying this because I am now, not just physically but also mentally connected to the fitness industry. 

Editor: Dr Pooja Nilgar (Content writer and editor)

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