Protein Guide for Vegans

Vegan protein guide: Read this detailed guide to understand all about the protein requirements of vegans.

You may have heard this often that proteins are the building blocks of our body. People usually believe that if you are someone who goes to the gym or who works out, you need to consume more protein.

Injury Management

Frozen Shoulder : Risk Factors & Management

Frozen shoulder (FS) is also known as Adhesive capsulitis (AC). Simply put, it is a condition that restricts the shoulder’s normal movement (range of motion). It is a painful condition persisting for more than three months. 

FS causes progressive stiffness and significant restriction in the range of motion (ROM) of the shoulder (typically external rotation) due to fibrosis of the glenohumeral joint capsule.

Kids' Health

Dealing with childhood obesity

What is childhood obesity?

When a child has more weight for his or her age and height, it is called overweight or obese. This happens due to the abnormal excessive accumulation of fat inside the body. Boys with a body fat percentage of 25 or more and girls with a body fat percentage of 30 or more are classified as obese.

Kids' Health

Kids And Junk Food

“Finish your homework and I’ll give you a chocolate.” “Score 90% and above, we’ll go out for pizza.” “Eat those fruits right now.” “Drink that milk and we’ll go to the park.” Do these sound familiar?! You may have experienced this as a child or now as a parent while dealing with your kids.

Kids' Health

4 Common Parenting Mistakes That Stop Kids From Becoming Healthy Adults

Without a shadow of a doubt, everybody wants their kids to be healthy and successful in this world full of competition. It is evident that healthy kids lead healthy and successful lives. We always want the best for our children. So, we rely on various sources which consist of numerous tips available on the internet, in parenting books, and also through other parents.