Careers in Fitness

Fitness Salary Calculator

The remuneration in the fitness industry has grown over years. Due to the growing era of the online fitness industry, there is very little dependency on having a physical fitness space which leads to low expenditure.

Since the pandemic, a lot of coaches have started online classes and there are so many companies helping them with a customized app and website to sell their services.…

Careers in Fitness

How to Become a Nutrition Coach?

Nutrition is a field of science which deals with how food and its nutrients are used by the body for various physiological functions that keep one healthy. When you understand the basics regarding which nutrients the food has, and which foods can be consumed, it would be easy to help yourself and the people around in changing the food habits.

Careers in Fitness

Careers in Fitness Industry

Fitness not only employs physical fitness but also encompasses our mental and social aspects. It is a holistic approach that will lead us on the path of development and wellness. 

Earlier, people didn’t have to work towards physical fitness due to the nature of their professions which involved a lot of physical work.

Careers in Fitness

How to become a fitness trainer in India?

In the last decade or so, there has been a boom in career opportunities in the fitness industry. If your goal is to become a fitness trainer, then read along this guide to learn about the required educational qualifications, certification courses and other important tips to become a certified fitness trainer in India.