Careers in Fitness

Top 9 career opportunities in the fitness industry

In the last decade, there has been a boom in career opportunities in the fitness industry. Here are top 9 career opportunities for fitness enthusiasts. Combine your love for fitness with your career and your work would become your passion!

career opportunities in fitness indutry

About two decades ago, when people would think of nutrition and food sciences, very few career options would come to mind.

Careers in Fitness, Training

The Client-Coach Relationship: Obedience for Adherence

Ask any fitness coach and they can attest that a harmonious client-coach relationship is critical to progress in the client’s fitness journey. More often than not, a client will remember the coach’s attributes in terms of communication, understanding, rapport and approachability, sometimes even more than the results they have seen.…

Careers in Fitness

Dietician, Nutritionist and a Certified Nutrition Consultant: Differences

In this Internet age, hundreds and thousands of social media influencers and bloggers are seen providing nutrition advice to their followers without ever citing any evidence-based studies or research papers because the advice they provide is mostly made up by themselves or may be derived from a WhatsApp University forward message.