Protein Guide for Vegans

Vegan protein guide: Read this detailed guide to understand all about the protein requirements of vegans.

You may have heard this often that proteins are the building blocks of our body. People usually believe that if you are someone who goes to the gym or who works out, you need to consume more protein.


Difference between casein and whey protein

The ultimate guide to understanding the difference between casein and whey protein, their benefits and how to consume these two types of protein.

difference between casein and whey protein

Protein is an essential component that has to be included in our daily consumption. Consuming adequate protein increases satiety and might also help reduce the over-intake of calories.


Amazing benefits of drinking water

Benefits of drinking water: Water is essential for all of us. Read this guide to understand the importance of water and how you can keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

benefits of drinking water for skin
According to a study on water, hydration and health, water comprises from around 75% body weight in infants to 55% in the elderly and is essential for cellular homeostasis and life.


A quick and simple guide to sunscreen

All about sunscreen: This quick and simple guide covers the basics of sunscreen application, the importance of sunscreen and other important tips regarding sunscreens.


We all know how important it is to apply sunscreen before going out under the sun but it is equally important to apply it even when you are indoors.