Podcast EP1: Weight Rebound – Gaining weight after losing it?

In the first episode of INFS podcast, Dr. Akshay Alawani, Head Faculty at INFS and Yash Kaushik, Faculty at INFS, discuss the most common problem of weight rebound and their coaching experiences with respect to that.

Both faculty give their views on the misconceptions about ‘metabolic damage’ and lack of self-evaluation when it comes to dieting and losing body fat.

Topics covered: Metabolism, Reasons for Weight Rebound or Re-gain, How to achieve long term Weight Loss and more.

4 thoughts on “Podcast EP1: Weight Rebound – Gaining weight after losing it?

  1. Very informative….really appreciate the way it has been put up using examples from our daily lives… Looking forward to have more such interactive sessions 🙂

  2. Sir, your podcast was really very informative.i have a small querry
    just want to know if a person loses weight in a short duration(due to some important reason) by following an aggressive diet and lifestyle…how can he then subsequently maintain his weight so that it does’nt bounce back…? it will be difficult for him to follow the same rigourous regime after wait loss….
    request for your guidance

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