INFS Alumni : Consistency Over Motivation

INFS alumnus – Srija Banerjee is a force to be reckoned with! From being diagnosed with a heart condition at the mere age of 7 to guiding others as a fitness and nutrition coach, she has come a long long way. The journey has been of ups and downs, indeed, but has turned her into a person full of wisdom. There will be setbacks in life but let every adversity make you stronger than before. These words from Sreeja give you a glimpse of her wise mind. INFS is glad that it could be a part of her journey. Read on to know what role INFS played in Sreeja’s story.

The Trigger to Get a Hold Over Health

Srija’s struggle with her heart condition, detected at the age of 7, went on for 12 long years. She was barred from playing any type of sports and all other physical activities for that long. As a result, she turned into an overweight kid. It did not take much time to progress from an overweight child to an obese adult due to her love for junk food, erratic lifestyle, and lack of exercise. She says that she continued leading this way of life even after her marriage. Her hectic office schedule also offered her no respite. 

And, then came the moment of truth in 2017, changing Srija’s life forever. While strolling along a beach with her friends, Srija fell and fractured her ankle. That night, as she cried writhing in pain, she realized how she had been abusing her body for years. That accident triggered her to change her outlook towards health. That’s where began, Srija’s journey to fitness! 

The First ‘Healthy’ Step

As soon as she decided to take a charge of her health, Srija started searching online for information. But, the info she received on the internet left her misguided. She ended up trying any and every diet under the sun as she lacked proper scientific knowledge and understanding of how the human body works. She tasted failure with fad diets, went on detox for weeks, and did cardio for months. Without the right knowledge, Srija felt like a rudderless boat without any sense of direction. But, after several failed attempts at finding the right fitness and nutrition platform, I came across INFS and heaved a sigh of relief.

INFS to the Rescue   

Srija was delighted to find what she had been looking for in the form of INFS – the right platform to receive knowledge and learn about nutrition and fitness science. The course materials, assignments, live sessions by the faculties, and the FTP (Free Training Program) left her with an enriching experience. She started with her own transformation journey and was in the top 250 of the Transformation Challenge – 9 conducted by FITTR. She also went on to win a beauty pageant. From completing the INFS courses and becoming a fitness and nutrition coach, her journey brought the best out of her. Srija credits INFS for offering her knowledge that not only helped her transform herself but also giving her the confidence of guiding others towards a healthy lifestyle as a coach.

The Greatest Lesson Learned    

Srija learned never ever to procrastinate! Realizing that there is no best or ideal time to start something, she now advises everyone to start right away, to start now. And once you begin your journey, never quit. Instead, she recommends taking a break or going slow as the results will always be fruitful.   

Did you find Srija’s story inspiring? Take a step forward and start your fitness journey today with INFS by seeking evidence-based knowledge about nutrition and health!

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