Tips on Starting Your Fitness Journey

Do you fall in any of the following categories?

  • Waits for the new year or a special muhurat to pass a resolution of exercising and eating healthy every day.
  • Starts the fitness journey on a grand level but never makes it through the tunnel to the end of it.
  • Feels intimidated by the fitness enthusiasts with muscular bodies in the gym thinking it is mission impossible for you to achieve.
  • Is too lazy and has a handbook of excuses stating why you can never successfully transform.
  • Feel like you belong to one or more of the above categories? Well, it is time to step out of these and get in the fitness wagon to ride the transformation journey!

You might roll your eyes and say easier said than done, and we won’t disagree. But, we are here to offer you a few tips to help you start your fitness journey.


One of the main reasons why many give up on their diet or exercise plan after the initial few days is because they are not sustainable. So, the most important thing is to have a plan which is sustainable in the long run.

To make the plan sustainable,

Be specific with your goal so that you can measure your progress. Instead of a vague “I want to lose weight”, “losing 10kg in 4 months” is specific which will also help you periodically track your progress and make the necessary changes.
Be realistic. Just because you want to fit into your favorite dress for a family wedding, you can’t aim to lose 12 kgs in a month. With this kind of unrealistic expectations, you will end up choosing a routine which includes excessive exercises and yo-yo diets. This deadly combination makes you fall off the track very easily. So, depending on your fitness level, go for a routine where you can stretch yourself a bit.
Choose exercise wisely. One of the most important points to take into consideration is choosing the exercises that you enjoy doing. If you choose the ones that you dislike performing, you will certainly find it difficult to keep doing them in the long run.


Your goal should always be measurable to track your progress. Also, if you start off with a big goal such as losing 25 kgs in a year, you will have to wait one whole year to feel accomplished. Rather, break that goal into small goals like losing 2 kgs a month. This way you can easily monitor your progress and feel accomplished which will in turn motivate you to do better.


Strength training helps in body recomposition, gives you a toned look, and makes you look as well as feel good. Weight training is known to be beneficial for helping to preserve/build muscle mass, improve physical functions, increase bone mineral density, etc.


It is understandable that you want to get fit soon. This does not mean you obsessively train your body without rest. You need to give your body time to recover. Rest is specifically essential for muscle growth. Exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscle tissue. But, these get repaired during rest by cells called fibroblasts. This helps the tissue heal and grow, resulting in stronger muscles. Also, it is during sleep where growth hormone (GH) levels are at their highest. So rest, recovery, and sleep are important for your fitness journey to be fruitful.


Without a doubt, consistent training is the most important aspect of your fitness journey. Even a poorly designed plan will produce results if followed consistently and if training occurs regularly. Imagine what a well-designed training plan, followed consistently, will do. It maximizes results. Your body needs to adapt and progress to strengthen. Not being consistent makes you fall off the wagon and slows down your progress. And it will take you longer than planned to reach your goals and you might not even see the desired results if you are consistently inconsistent. So, stay consistent to reach your goals.

Follow these tips and you will be well off on your fitness journey in no time.

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