Exercising At Home During The Pandemic

‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ is the mantra that everyone needs to stick by due to the current situation. It is wiser to stay indoors and step out only for an essential purpose. Nonetheless, it is necessary to stay active and not fall into a sluggish routine. While the gyms were shut down, we found home workouts to our rescue. Many discovered that it is possible to exercise at home to stay fit. But, with the prolonged pandemic, we have been stuck with our daily workout sessions for just too long, and now the exercise routine has become mundane.

But, there are ways you can pull out your workout plan from this monotony! Here are some simple tips using which you can level up your fitness regimen and get that adrenaline rushing through your veins again. And, all that, without stepping a foot out of the door!

Switch to a Harder Variation

Most of the bodyweight exercises that you have been doing at home have some variations. These variations are usually harder to perform than the original exercise from which they stem. For example, regular push-ups may now have become so meh. You can go for the declined push-ups with the feet elevated! Below are variations of a few other bodyweight exercises.

Perform Unilateral Movements

Start performing your exercises at home using a single leg or a single arm. Usually, you tend to use your dominant side while performing regular bilateral exercises. By taking up unilateral training, you will avoid this as well as take your exercise routine a notch higher. Unilateral movements will also help your isolate and correct muscle imbalances and make you utilize your core muscles. Think you are up for single-legged glute bridges instead of the regular bilateral ones?!

Slow Down the Movements

You can level up the difficulty of your home workout by performing the exercises slowly. When you slow down your movements, it will target your slow-twitch muscle fibers to endure more as opposed to the fast fibers. By slowing down your movements, you are increasing the Time Under Tension (TUT) which supposedly helps in building more muscle. Slow down in the range of 3-5 seconds instead of performing the exercises as quickly as possible.

Take Shorter Rest Periods  

No, we aren’t suggesting you opt for a HIIT session every day (not that we are stopping you from going for it too). But, nothing can get your heart pumping faster than those exercises performed back-to-back with minimal to no rest time between them! Try it out and check whether your body is up for the challenge.

Get Creative

Your home is your stage and your household items are your props. How about putting that sofa to good use for performing some tricep dips? Pull out that backpack stuffed in the cupboard ever since traveling became a thing from the past. Fill it up with clothes, books, or anything that’ll make it heavier, and use it while performing push-ups. And, whoever said bottles are only useful to drink water from! Fill those up and use them as weights.

These are just a few simple alterations that can make your home workouts exciting. Out them to good use and enjoy exercising at home again.  

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