Role Of Strength Training in Fat Loss

Does resistance training help in fat loss? Or is cardio a better choice to lose weight? Why do fitness freaks swear by strength training? While everyone unanimously agree upon the role of Nutrition for fitness and health, there are few never ending questions related to fitness / exercises for fat loss.…

Gradual VS Rapid Weight Loss

Author : Anshul Dhamande, INFS Faculty, Standard Coach @ Fittr 

Weight loss is on everyone’s mind and often many of us think, “the quicker, the better!” However; is rapid weight loss ideal and sustainable? Let’s find out if slow and steady really does win the race in this article.…

Does Soreness Indicate an Effective Workout?

Whether your goal is weight loss or just fitness, you incorporate workouts into your routine. A good workout uplifts you, makes you feel fitter but can also leave you feeling sore!

If you’re curious about why our bodies experience soreness and what it means, read this interesting piece by Praveen Budhrani, INFS alumini and Fittr coach.…


How frustrating it is to notice the number on the scale change significantly from one
day to the next? Did you binge on those snacks at night or did you do a really
rigorous work out yesterday? Body weight can fluctuate on a daily basis like a roller
coaster and this is extremely frustrating, especially when you are on a fat loss