Strategies to Progressively Overload

Overload is one of the three basic principles of training, with the other two being specificity and progression. Progressive overload means increasing the intensity, volume, and frequency of training. It aims at continuously increasing the demands on the skeletal muscles and making continuous gains in the desired performance.…

Female vs Male muscles

Author: Nikita Rungta, INFS Alumni and Visiting Faculty


Keywords: Women, Muscle fiber, Hormones, Training

There are lots of myths and misconceptions regarding weight training for females. The gym is still considered as a “male territory” and whenever a woman enters the weight area, you can clearly hear two types of opinions.

Weightlifting shoes for squats- Beneficial or not so beneficial?

  1. Introduction:

Barbell squats (back) have been one of the most popular exercises. It’s popularity mainly related to increasing the muscular strength in the lower body. It is also used for conditioning and for rehabilitation of injuries.But it is also a common phenomenon where athletes get injured (1) directly as a result of squats, especially in the knees and the lower back.…