Ageing and Exercise for the Elderly

Key Points

  • Aging results in several musculoskeletal changes causing a decline in physical functions. Abilities like strength, flexibility, and power are also compromised. Regular exercise is an effective intervention for reversing this age-related decline and provides a myriad of health benefits to the aging population.
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Resistance training for Adolescents

Author: Aditya Mahajan, Advisor at Assessment Division, INFS

Key points:
• A compelling body of evidence suggests that properly designed resistance training programs performed under expert supervision are safe for the children and adolescents.
• Resistance training does not have any adverse impact on the linear growth in youths.…



Author: Dr. Aniket Jadhav, Content Advisor at INFS

General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) was 1st described by Hans Selye in 1930. It describes a generalized pattern of how body responds and adapts to a variety of stress and restores itself to balance, or homeostasis, in response to the stress.…

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Weightlifting shoes for squats- Beneficial or not so beneficial?

  1. Introduction:

Barbell squats (back) have been one of the most popular exercises. It’s popularity mainly related to increasing the muscular strength in the lower body. It is also used for conditioning and for rehabilitation of injuries.But it is also a common phenomenon where athletes get injured (1) directly as a result of squats, especially in the knees and the lower back.…