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INFS Health Series - Women EBook

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Excerpts from the Director’s Note on Women Series:

The need to write this series arose because there are undying myths about women’s strength and physical limits. We didn’t need to be told that we are the weaker sex. We read it between the lines when we were told to stop jumping around as kids or given reserved seats in local buses. It is at the back of our minds when we are throwing the ball back to the kids playing in the park. You will be surprised to know that children even as young as 3 years old, can grasp the difference in the expectations from them based on their gender. When we doll them up with pretty hair ties, they grow up to take to dolls and play ‘house’. They see the roles of the adults in the house and is it surprising then that the girls make play out of serving tea in little plastic cups, while the boys are captivated by their toy cars.

It is only in the last few decades, that some women have earnestly come out to play. The sad thing is that the physical capability of an average woman, lags far behind that of the women in elite sports. The difference in performance between an average man and an elite male player is much smaller. Sadly, this has made women athletes to be seen as freaks. Whereas the truth is that an average woman doesn’t even start to explore her physical prowess. The gap between female and male athletes is getting smaller, as more and more women stop believing the myth of being the weaker sex.

Through the articles in this book, we have attempted to reveal the true nature of the physicality of being a woman. In editing and writing this book, I have seen a change in myself too. I have stopped putting limits on how far I push myself physically and also mentally. We hope this book helps you to breakdown some of your limiting beliefs about the wonderful things your body can achieve. It is not our physiology but our minds which are holding us back from being the physically strong, and powerful kick ass wonder woman we were meant to be!

About INFS Health Series:

INFS Health Series is a collection of articles for select population groups to increase Health awareness and make knowledge accessible to all. Through this series we continue to commit towards imparting practical and scientific – backed knowledge. These series feature case studies, sample workouts, wherever applicable. Anyone who would like to change their lifestyle for the better and improve their health will find the knowledge in these Health series books extremely helpful.

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