INFS courses and the institute received international accreditation in May 2018. This means that our course content, delivery, development process, etc are at par with international standards for the same. Its Validity and Acceptance is with regard to the CPD recognition of an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution. Our course is not a replacement for a degree course in the subject. There are various job opportunities post certification: SQUATS accepts and believes in the quality of our certified scholars and we are in a process of creating more jobs The SQUATS centres will open in your cities soon. They will only accept intake of INFS certified scholars for its Consultant /Associate Consultant/Intern positions in the centres. You will hear more as recruitment picks up. INFS needs visiting faculty across its programs in India via Ignite. If you are academically inclined you can pursue this too. Soon there will be a job board on our website, where you will find all vacancies online and in your area that you can apply to then.