Clinical Nutrition Advanced Course

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Here's what you'll learn

Understand the basic clinical manifestations of lifestyle disorders

Understand the scope and limitations of basic therapeutic diets and lifestyle interventions in prevention and management of lifestyle disorders.

Ability to formulate basic therapeutic diet and suggest appropriate lifestyle interventions.

Course Description

A fundamental course in Clinical Nutrition that will introduce you to the basics of clinical diet and lifestyle interventions in the management of lifestyle disorders. The course shall also have skill based assignments to enable the practical application of the concepts learned.

The INFS Clinical Nutrition Course is specifically designed to teach the students about the basics of clinical nutrition and various lifestyle interventions for prevention and management of various disorders.


This course consists of 2 modules which are: 

  • Module 1: N102 - Basics of Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Disorders

    • Introduction to Clinical Nutrition

    • introduction to insulin resistance and diabetes

    • Introduction to dyslipidemia and hypertension

    • Basics of PCOS/PCOD

    • Introduction to Hypothyroidism


  • Module 2: N103 - Introduction to Therapeutic Diets and Lifestyle Interventions 

    • Basic therapeutic diet and lifestyle interventions for insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus

    • Basic therapeutic diet and lifestyle interventions for dyslipidemia and hypertension

    • Basic therapeutic diet and lifestyle interventions for PCOD / PCOS

    • Basic therapeutic diet and lifestyle interventions for hypothyroidism

About the facilitator: 

INFS Faculty Head, Dr Akshay Alawani has 7-years of experience in successfully dealing with cases having clinical conditions. He has planned nutrition and exercise interventions for ~500 such clients so far. He also actively guides other coaches to handle similar clients. Dr Alawani holds bachelors in dental surgery (MUHS, Nashik), and Masters in Human Nutrition (University of Surrey, UK) with several other fitness related certifications. He has 4.5 years of teaching experience with INFS.

Course Eligibility

Must have completed INFS Foundation Course OR

Must be of clinical background (MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS) OR BSc Home Science (Nutrition)

Course Fee is INCLUSIVE of applicable taxes and is NOT REFUNDABLE
Course Duration:
120 Hours
Course Cost:
2500 /-
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