Basic Nutrition and Fitness Course

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Here's what you'll learn

Fundamentals of Nutrition, Diet and Exercise Science

Review your current diet and lifestyle

Understand the benefits your new healthier lifestyle will bring

Plan your own customised diet/ meal plans

Create your own activity plan to achieve fitness goals

Course Description

INFS Basic Nutrition and Fitness Course is designed specifically for the people who are at the absolute start of their fitness career. In this course you shall learn the basic why's and the how's of nutrition and exercise sciences along with a number of fun tasks that you are sure to have fun doing!

This FREE Basic Course by INFS is aimed at imparting the knowledge of introductory principles of nutrition and fitness. The concepts have been explained at a practical level through activity-based tasks that will help you improve your health and quality of life.  The course is divided into 3 modules - Basics of Food and Nutrition, Introduction to Exercise Science, and Introduction to Resistance Training. You will be able to create your own meal plan along with an activity plan as per your lifestyle to meet your health and fitness goals.


The course is recommended for a fitness enthusiast or anyone keen to learn the basic scientific principles of nutrition and fitness. The course also equips you with the basic terms and concepts that you need to know if you want to pursue advanced professional courses in either Nutrition or Exercise Science.


The course is completely online and you can virtually attend live lectures conducted by the faculty. The faculty will also be available to answer any queries you have in both formats -  live in the planned tutorial sessions, as well as through the Discussion Forums. 


If you complete your assessment activities, you will be provided a Certificate towards completion of this course.





Course Eligibility

Applicant must be above 18 years of age

Course Duration:
180 hours
Course Cost:

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