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Yes we do deliver course material at international address with an additional delivery charge of Rs3500.

It isn’t compulsory but according to feedbacks of scholars who had attended the workshops it was extremely helpful for them. The workout forms being practically explained made it much easier for the scholars to understand the course material.

The Exercise Science Specialist Course equips you with all the knowledge and skills to learn about exercise execution, program design, avoiding injuries and injury rehabilitation. The content includes human anatomy and movements, setup and execution of major exercises, customisation of training variables, gender specific programming and much more. Fitness professionals will also find the section on client handling and professional conduct particularly useful. This course will supplement the knowledge of fitness professionals and be useful for someone keen to understand exercise science in detail. The accompanying case studies supplement the practical application of the concepts discussed in the course.

After completing INFS Nutrition and Fitness Expert course, you will receive an email from us to set up your interview. If your knowledge, application of that knowledge, attitude and perseverance are a match with SQUATS and you pass the interview then you will be asked to submit your physical condition pics. If that is good too then you will receive an offer to join the SQUATS platform as a Consultant.

You will be able to view your course study material on your INFS dashboard. We will also send course material hard copy at your registered mailing address.

Your result will visible in results tab within 7 days from the date of exam. 

You will be able to see your result on the infs website dashboard in results tab.

We do not allow refunds once you have registered for the courses.

We do not provide the course exchange/transfer facility.