Is it compulsory to enrol for ESS workshop if I enrol for ESS course?

It isn’t compulsory but according to feedbacks of scholars who had attended the workshops it was extremely helpful for them. The workout forms being practically explained made it much easier for the scholars to understand the course material.

Why should I enrol for Exercise Science Specialist course?

The Exercise Science Specialist Course equips you with all the knowledge and skills to learn about exercise execution, program design, avoiding injuries and injury rehabilitation. The content includes human anatomy and movements, setup and execution of major exercises, customisation of training variables, gender specific programming and much more. Fitness professionals will also find the section on client handling and professional conduct particularly useful.

Once enrolled, how do I contact the faculty?

You can log in into your INFS account and contact your faculty through the discussion boards. You can ask your course related queries in respective course forums. Contacting your faculty outside the learning platform of INFS is not advised.

If I'm traveling, will I miss out the course for the specific week?

As you won't be having any mid-week or mid-course exams, it won't affect your course but we would suggest you to make sure that you don't lag behind the planned schedule of the course.

Can I contact the faculty on phone?

You can officially communicate with the faculty through discussion forums. You can clarify all your doubts there.

What if I am not available on the start date of the course?

The course is not a live course. The materials will be there for you on your dashboard. You can miss a day or two and come back. Since you need to catch up on the curriculum on a weekly basis, it is advised to finish each week's syllabus on time to be able to complete the quizzes and assignments on time.

When will the course start after enrolment?

Your course start date is the same as what you have enrolled for initially for foundation course. For Expert and Exercise Science Specialist course will start on the selected batch date. You will receive a payment confirmation when you have enrolled into a course. Your login details along with password will be communicated to you a day before the start date of your course.

How do I enrol for INFS courses?

Kindly visit http://www.infs.co.in/courses/ click on course list tab to enrol for the desired course.