FTP (Free Transformation Program) by INFS

What is FTP?

FTP (Free Transformation Programme) is a FREE 4 week transformation plan available to everyone who want to experience and transform through online diet and training consultation. The consultation is provided by INFS Expert course Scholars under the supervision of the INFS FTP team.

What is the deadline for enrolment?

The FTP registration are open from 1st till 10th of every month. This link will be active from till we get 250 registrations. You will be assigned the INFS Scholar on the 11th, who will guide you through the 4 weeks plan. You are required to register and make the payment on the form itself.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Registration is to be done using the ID registered with https://infs.co.in
  • You are eligible for this FTP program only if you were never assigned an FTP mentor previously and you were never enrolled under a coach at Fittr.com
  • You are open to sharing your pictures with the mentor.
  • Should not have any medical conditions or any surgery in last 6 months (Only mild PCOD/ Thyroid cases accepted)
  • It is mandatory for you to create a profile on www.fittr.com for getting an FTP mentor assigned to you.
Please check your mailbox (registered email ID) regularly for all the communication on Selection into the program and regular updates.