Print Release of INFS Health Series for Adolescents

Worldwide | February 5, 2018 09:02:00 AM

INFS is proud to present the first book in the INFS Health Series: INFS HEALTH SERIES for ADOLESCENTS

Eating healthy and nutritious food is important at any age but is a necessity for adolescents as they experience their second growth spurt from their infant years. The demand for nutrients and energy is higher than their previous years yet we find that sometimes they are lacking in overall calories while sometimes they struggle to eat enough nutritious foods.

This book is a result of meticulous research on the latest scientific evidence and has been developed keeping in mind both, (i) a conscious adolescent eager to understand their nutrition requirements and exercise options available to grow up strong and healthy; and (ii) the conscientious parent who would like their children to grow into healthy, confident and strong adults.

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Price: INR 450 (inclusive of domestic delivery charges and taxes);
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