Injury Management

Rotator Cuff Injuries

What is (RC) Rotator Cuff?

A rotator cuff (RC) is a group of muscles surrounding the shoulder complex and providing it with additional stability and strength to handle the forces generated by movements around the joint. 

The RC group originates from different aspects of the scapula, aka shoulder blade, and inserts on the humerus head, forming a cuff around the glenohumeral joint.

INFS Alumni Interview Series

INFS Alumni Series: Once A Software Engineer, Now The 2021 IFBB PRO Women’s Bikini Athlete

INFS alumnus – Sarina Pani recently became the newest IFBB PRO Women’s Bikini Athlete. She has also won quite a few other powerlifting competitions besides doing shows like the Fit Factor and Beach Body. But, this was long after she faced an unfortunate incident that made her realize the importance of health over money.

Mental Wellness

Caring for Mental Health

Mental health covers an individual’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It will have an impact on how we think, feel, and decide as we cope with our life. Mental health helps to combat stress as well as the decision-making process. Mental health is essential in every stage of life, right from childhood to old age through adolescence and adulthood.