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Tips for New Fitness Trainers

Congratulations are in order if you have recently stepped into the fitness industry as a trainer! The demand for knowledgeable and skillful fitness professionals is on the rise. As more and more people are understanding the importance of exercise and diet for better health and well-being, they are turning towards fitness and nutrition coaches who can guide them.

Undoubtedly, your career in fitness will be very fruitful. You will get the satisfaction of transforming people to their best version while also becoming financially stable in the process. To succeed as a fitness coach, being passionate about fitness and being driven about helping people change their lives are a couple of necessary characteristics. But, along with these, a few other traits can help you have a fulfilling career in the fitness industry.

Here are a few tips that you might just be looking for as a new fitness trainer. Pocket them and you will be on your way to making a mark as an accomplished fitness trainer. 

Tips for new fitness trainer

Never Stop Learning

People, today, demand their fitness coach to be knowledgeable – someone who knows the science behind nutrition and fitness. So, proper education about fitness and nutrition should now be seen as a requirement by those aspiring to become fitness professionals. Even if you have stepped into the fitness industry after completing a relevant degree, diploma, or certificate course, keep reading the literature on fitness, nutrition, and health. The fitness industry is constantly changing and evolving.

So, it is necessary to stay updated. You can achieve this by enrolling in workshops, registering for short courses, and reading the latest research in the field. 


Be Empathetic Towards Your Clients 

Empathy is putting yourself in another person’s shoes to understand them and their situations better. This is highly required to succeed as a coach. Being a fitness trainer, you will have a variety of clients who have been through a wide range of circumstances. When you show empathy towards your clients, they feel assured about not being judged.

Be it about leading an unhealthy lifestyle in the past or cheating on their diet and exercise plan, your clients wouldn’t feel stressed to approach you and let you know of it all as they will know you will be understanding. With empathy, you will be able to build a solid foundation of trust and respect with your clients. 

Ask Clients Open-ended Questions

As a fitness coach, you must find out the root cause of your clients’ problems. This can be achieved only if you skillfully frame questions for them – questions that’ll make them open up to you. Your clients may be facing certain challenges while walking the path towards leading a fit and healthy life but may feel uncertain of letting you know about them.

Several fitness coaches commit the mistake of asking close-ended questions that do not help them figure out much of the clients’ issues. Instead, ask open-ended questions to your clients during follow-ups. For example, if you ask your client ‘Did you follow the diet?’, you will either get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for an answer. But, by asking ‘How did you feel about managing your last week’s diet?’, you will get more insights on your clients’ adherence level and the challenges they faced.        

Communicate Effectively

The above tip can be considered part of skillful communication. Communicating with clients isn’t just about talking to them face-to-face or through phone calls, texts, and emails. It is also about effectively conveying the required information in a way that is easy to understand. Better communication skills can help you hit several targets as a fitness coach.

This includes building rapport with the clients, motivating them, educating them and developing their skills, and communicating the fitness program that you have personalized for them. Now, these are client-oriented goals that you can achieve with better communication. Besides these, good communication skills can also help you with professional networking.

You will be able to develop new contacts and build strong relationships with fellow fitness professionals in the industry.

Be Visible

To build your presence as a fitness trainer in the industry, you should be visible on social media, in your community, and the brick-and-mortar fitness center if you are running one.  The online model of fitness coaching is rapidly growing and with that, it has become necessary to maintain a presence on social media. Through your social media profile, you can let a large mass of people know that you bear the knowledge on fitness, nutrition, and health.

You can, in fact, pass on this knowledge through your posts. Furthermore, you can also showcase your past work by posting transformations that you have helped happen. This will assist in ensuring people that they will be placing their health in the safe hands of a knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced fitness coach.    

Bear Professionalism 

Tips for new fitness trainer

This is one quality that will define you as a fitness coach. Your appearance, manners, and principles are factors that will build your professional image. Being well-groomed and healthy, and dressing appropriately will affect your appearance; being respectful, honest, and loyal will show how well-mannered you are; and lastly, your ethics and integrity will display your principles. Within years or maybe even a few months, you may develop a strong rapport with your clients.

But, it is necessary to draw professional boundaries and maintain balance on the fine line that separates professionalism and personal attachments. This will help you in the long run and help you build a respectful name in the industry. 

Be Adaptive

It is highly necessary for a fitness coach to be flexible. You will face a variety of clients with different backgrounds who may have a polar opposite diet and exercise history. Coming along with different goals, injuries, personalities, and expectations, you will be required to be adaptive to individual needs and requirements. Based on the client’s situation and circumstances, you as a fitness coach should design customized diets and workouts, leaving aside the one-size-fits-all approach. 

Walk the Talk

Know that your clients will always look up to you as you are their fitness trainer. Many of them may even be considering you as their source of inspiration. So, always practice what you preach. It is important for you to stay fit as your clients will, otherwise, have no reason to trust you. Now, this may seem very intimidating with fitness also being a very subjective term.

So, you may choose to just be good in what you do and offer. Looking fit is essential, especially, in the online world where people mostly look at your profile picture first before even entering your profile. The first impression might not be the last, but it could last longer. 

You have achieved one goal by becoming a fitness trainer and by stepping into the industry. Now, build your career by following these tips and you may soon find yourself becoming a successful one.  

Author: Ketki H is a wandering soul who loves travelling solo, and firmly believes in enjoying the journey rather than hurrying to the destination. Although a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, she took to writing for reaching the masses.

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