What being faculty at INFS looks like?

Undoubtedly, the faculty is the face and pride of INFS. To daily witness so many scholars succeeding, find an inbox filled with messages of gratitude from students, and mainly, getting to learn so much is a few of the many great things that continually inspire us.

As the longest-serving faculty at INFS, I have contributed to the education of thousands. I like to think that – as each of these students has modified several lifestyles, I have made a positive contribution towards lakhs of lives. Moreover, I work with top coaches, educators, and great thinkers. How wonderful is that? Interestingly, this is a very unique job that is hard to compare with any other.

Though teaching is one of our main responsibilities, the work structure is very different from any university or college lecturer. Instead of doing lectures for most of the day, our teaching engagements per day occupy less than thirty percent of the total work time. The majority of our day is spent on content creation.

Faculties at INFS, are not only experienced exercise and nutrition practitioners and educators, but they are also great presenters, critical thinkers, and writers. I am familiar with other educational institutes, and I have rarely seen these skills co-existing anywhere else. We are truly one of a kind!

Rest, we mostly engage in inter-departmental activities. You must have already seen some great social media posts, found some excellent blogs and booklets that we have created with our social media team and when our customer support needs a helping hand, we are there for them too. We actively contribute to research as well. Additionally, we engage with our students through several platforms. With so many things on the plate, it is not a surprising fact that they come with several challenges.

 Putting this team together was a very hard task in the first place. For INFS management, finding the right people who can consistently perform was the big challenge. We vigorously searched for the right people, and they were also searching for us at the right time. However, no one can directly deliver effectively in INFS with their previously attained skill set. They need to continuously improve.

The main challenge is teaching people from different educational backgrounds and levels. Though a flexible prerequisite is appealing for students, it is challenging for the educator. Our solution to that is simple – we brainstorm and find ways to break down complex things in the easiest possible way. We set very high standards when it comes to the flow and understanding level of our teaching and content. Once completed, we keep making it better in every cycle with the feedback we gather from our unparalleled support to students. The task is not to just make the course and forget it! We follow through.

 To work in this team, one not only needs to have these skills but even commitment to teaching and most importantly, commitment to continuous learning is crucial. We want deep thinkers that are constantly willing to raise the standards of their work. With each faculty moving a step ahead, INFS moves further too. To share an example, students’ ratings were 0.3 ratings shorter than perfect a few months back, but we have now brought them to just 0.1 points short. To do this, faculties were engaged in more than dozens of internal training sessions and several difficult assessments on learning complex topics like research, statistics, and scientific writing.

Concisely put, working at INFS is a challenge with many rewards – but the work satisfaction is unmatchable. Personally for me, leading this team and seeing them grow brings immense pride and joy into my life. Cheers to Science!

Scientia et excellentia

 Author : Dr. Akshay Alawani (Faculty Head, INFS

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