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You’ve been working out for a long time now, and you’re starting to get good at it. You see people at your gym keenly watching you, and you wonder, “Is it time to take my fitness career to the next level?”

The answer is – YES! There are so many options for you beyond what you might traditionally think of as the “fitness career” path. Maybe you always thought you had to become a personal trainer or fitness coach, but there are actually other options when it comes to making a living off your body and exercise regimen!

Let us take a look at a few such career options with fitness as the niche. 


This can be a scary one for some people, but if you have the confidence then why not go for it? You can take up modeling on the side while keeping your full-time job. And, who knows where that could lead!

Content Writer

If you want to stay behind the scenes, there’s no reason why you can’t work in the fitness industry as a writer! Create Instagram posts or write blog posts for fitness-based companies or individuals and get paid for the same.

You’ll get to keep up with all the latest fitness trends while also paying your bills. If you are wondering if this kind of work has enough opportunities then let me put your mind at ease. The requirement for this job is increasing rapidly with more and more fitness coaches coming into this industry. Because they don’t have enough time to create or write content to build their brand as they are mostly busy training clients, they are paying people who can do that job for them.


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Sport-Specific Coach

If you are into cricket or any other popular sports then being a sport-specific or athlete coach is a career you can consider. This is a bit different than coaching regular people as you have to adjust the training plan as per the requirements of the sports. The whole strategy is not as simple as coaching the general population. But, all you have to do is learn about athlete coaching and various sports. There are many online platforms that offer such learnings.

Assistant Coach

This is also a great job, especially if you are starting your coaching journey. In this job, you won’t be handling the client directly but you will be involved in various procedures to train a client where the coach will give instructions and assignments to you which will be used for training a client. Popular fitness coaches get so many clients that they need someone to do the repetitive work so that the workload is reduced for them. Being an assistant coach can help you learn a lot about coaching that is going to be of huge help if you ever start your own coaching business.

Physical Education Teacher

Almost all good schools have a requirement for a physical education teacher. Being a physical education teacher is a lot of fun. You get to be outside, you get to teach kids how to play sports and games, and you get to play right alongside them. This comes with other responsibilities as that of a teacher at school as you have to create lesson plans and track the grades of the students. It’s a full-time job where you get to be a children’s role model if you are good at this job.

Hope this has brought more clarity on the job opportunities available currently for fitness professionals. If you work hard now, you can be one of the top professionals in the mentioned fields as the competition will increase in the coming years.

All the best for your career! Start Grinding!

Author: Najid Sheikh

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