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You have become a Fitness Trainer. What’s Next?

Getting certification and becoming a Fitness Trainer or Fitness Coach is only the beginning of the journey. It’s very important to have a proper strategy to grow in this competitive industry.

It is like growing a plant, as long as you nourish the plant with manure and water, it will keep growing. Similarly, if you keep applying the right strategy you too can grow your career in fitness.

Here are some ways in which you can grow and take your fitness career to the next level:

Have Multiple Certifications

Science is constantly evolving with time. A fitness coach needs to keep up with the latest knowledge in order to help their client better and stay at the top of the field. Having multiple certifications adds credibility to your name as well as helps you gain knowledge.

Have a strong Marketing Strategy

Online marketing is very important for personal trainers. It is an effective way to reach the right audience. Fitness trainers and fitness coaches need to be visible to their potential customers, which is why online marketing is very important for them. Here are a few strategies for personal trainers to build their brand’s presence.

    • Build a website- Having a website is very important as this is where the leads can be converted to a client. The website should have all the important information like contact information, the services offered, and the client’s testimonials. It is advisable for coaches and trainers to direct the lead to the website after a good chat. This makes the process look more professional and trustworthy. 
    • Blog writing– Writing blogs about different topics related to fitness can help people. It can also increase your credibility as a personal trainer.
    • Stay active on social media channels– Social media platforms are the best way to market yourself.


Explore other Career Options as a Side Business

Online fitness coaching is great. Not only does it help to earn a good amount of money but it can allow one to explore other career options side by side. Let us take a look at a few such career options with fitness as the niche.


Modelling sounds scary to some people, but if you know that you can do it and you have that confidence in yourself then why not give it a try? Plus you can pursue it as a side hustle while keeping your full-time job. And you can never predict where it may take you!

Content Writer

If you are someone who is not comfortable with facing people and prefer to work behind the scenes then you can try your hand at writing! You can create a whole lot of written content for social media platforms like Instagram or have your own blog. You can even write for fitness-based companies and get paid for your work!


Sports Specific Coach

If you are a fitness enthusiast and also engaged in a sport you can well consider this option. Although this field is a bit different from coaching regular people in the sense you will have to adjust your training as per the sports requirement but you can always learn and upgrade yourself for the knowledge.

Many online platforms provide such sport-specific or athlete coaching. The only thing required is your interest in the sport and passion to excel!


Physical Education Trainer

Physical education training is in great demand as all good schools have a post of a physical trainer. It not only involves teaching children but can be as much fun. You can teach kids how to play different sports or games, go on the field to teach them or even play matches alongside them.

Hope this has brought more clarity to grow your career in the fitness industry. If you work hard now, you can be one of the top professionals in the mentioned fields as the competition will increase in the coming years.

All the best for your career! Start Grinding!

Author: Najid Sheikh (INFS Faculty)

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