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How to become a Fittr Coach?

Fittr is one of the best organizations in the fitness industry. With its growing popularity, more and more fitness coaches want to work with Fittr.

Consider this blog as a guide to becoming a Fittr coach.

How to become a Fittr coach?

Before discussing the qualifications needed for becoming a Fittr Coach, it is important to understand the qualities a FIttr coach should possess:

Keen on Helping People

Fittr has always stood as a brand that helps people. The reason being the initial members and coaches focused more on helping people rather than just making money. The main reason why most of the Fittr coaches are so successful is that they believe in helping people. Help the community and the community will help you back someday.

Keen on Learning Continuously

As science advances with time, a coach should keep up with the latest science-backed knowledge. This is how a coach can help anyone with their fitness journey smartly.



In order to apply for working as a Fittr Coach, one must:

  • Be 18 years old or above.
  • Posses a 12th standard certificate.
  • Possess certification of INFS Diploma or INFS Expert.

In addition to the above criteria, one must also have some additional skill sets including good communication skills, good writing skills etc. Having a basic knowledge of operating computers and the internet is also important.

It is imperative for a Fittr Coach to have the mentioned skill sets as one wouldn’t be able to implement the knowledge and make the client follow the routine without good communication skills. Moreover, the ability to write an interesting article is essential to attract leads.

How to apply?

One can apply for Fittr Coach interview by sending a resume to

Interview Process

If one is selected for the interview then one has to clear three stages of the interview to get onboarded as Fittr Coach.

Condition Check

The candidate will be asked for photos or videos of the current condition of their physique. The panelist will evaluate and score out of 10. One must score at least 7 to clear this stage.

Technical Round

The candidate will be tested on the basis of technical and practical knowledge that is to be implemented to guide anyone with their fitness goals. One must be well versed with nutrition and training-related strategies and their implementation. If one has gone through all the materials of the Diploma and is up to date with the latest science-backed knowledge then this round will be cleared.

Culture Fit Round

After clearing the technical round the candidate will go through another interview where the evaluation will be done on the basis of his/her passion for fitness and how well he/she adapts to the company’s culture.

Onboarding Process

Once selected as a Fittr Coach, the team will notify the candidate and the onboarding process will begin. This includes the orientation session and collecting the required documents and information.

So, if you are looking forward to becoming a coach, then enroll in INFS Diploma course and start your journey today.


Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee (Senior Faculty and Head of Corporate Relationships and Placement, INFS)

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