INFS Yoga Protocol Instructor Course

People all around the world have started embracing Yoga since the past few years as they are discovering the many holistic health benefits it offers. Although the beginnings of the Indian art of Yoga are traced back to 5000-10,000 years, its positive effects on the mind and the body are promoted even today.…

The Client-Coach Relationship: Obedience for Adherence

Ask any fitness coach and they can attest that a harmonious client-coach relationship is critical to progress in the client’s fitness journey. More often than not, a client will remember the coach’s attributes in terms of communication, understanding, rapport and approachability, sometimes even more than the results they have seen.…

Story of A Nutrition consultant who was once an INFS scholar

Author : Matin Shaikh , INFS Alumni ,Ex INFS Faculty

Those were the times JC used to pick deserving people up from the SQUATS FB group and sponsor them for SQUATS academy (now INFS) courses. I feel really lucky to have been picked up by him and directly put into the Pilot Expert batch along with many other deserving candidates.