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Basics of Nutrition

Healthy Habits

Mindfulness & Focus

Course Description

The pandemic has got all parents thinking - “When will my child get to play?”, “Meet with his/her friends?”, “Learn some interesting things?” 

In the absence of a physical connection with children of the same age group, these are the questions most parents are asking. 

INFS has come up with an interesting workshop which will not only let your kids make some new friends but also make them physically active. Your child will be engaged in many meaningful yet fun activities that will help him/her learn the importance of being healthy. Not only that, there will be a lot of easy tips to apply in everyday life!

Here’s what you will learn : 

This interactive series of sessions teaches kids the importance of building healthy habits, focuses on choosing wholesome foods and the importance of exercise and nutrition in a fun and age-appropriate way. Times are confusing, yes, but that should not stop kids from learning how their choices impact their health.

The 8 sessions are designed to last about 45 mins each and will last for a month. 

These short, engaging lessons and resources will help your children get on track for a healthy life.

Session 1: Introduction to Fruits and Vegetables - Eat a Rainbow

Session 2: Kids, Junk and Healthy Eating - Sugar Shock

Session 3: The Power of Playing outside

Session 4: Be fit and Eat healthy

Session 5: A balanced diet

Session 6: Power of Protein

Session 7: Digestion

Session 8: Building a healthy body


Workshop duration: 4 weeks, 2 sessions per week


Course Eligibility

Age eligibility: 6 years - 9 years

Workshop Fee is INCLUSIVE of applicable taxes and is NON-REFUNDABLE
Course Duration:
4 Weeks
Course Cost:
1800 /-
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